Also known as ‘Cross Trainers’, the Elliptical machines are a fantastic low impact total body workout. The circular motion in which the machine makes the user move, rather than up and down like a treadmill, means less pressure and stress on the joints. Through adjusting the amount of time, and the intensity of the exercise, the user can gain a very effective cardiovascular workout that simulates a combination of running/walking and stair climbing. In addition, by following this motion with your arms by gripping the handles, you can achieve a great upper body workout. At Budget Fitness we have a few different machines so there should be one that suits your needs.

To get an idea of what it will cost to have an Elliptical delivered and setup in your home, have a quick browse below of the range we have pictured.It’s best however to give us a call or enquire through the website to assess what we have in stock and find out what would be best for your needs.

Our basic model has all the functions you need with magnetic resistance and programmable functions. The basic model is smaller in size and stride depth when compared to our advanced model below.

Advanced: $20 per week

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Our advanced model is fully programmable, suitable for user weights up to 140kg and has adjustable depth of stride to ensure the right fit for the user. The advanced model is larger in size and suitable for the whole family.

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Protector Mat: $30 flat rate.

By hiring a protector mat to go with your equipment, you will be protecting your floor surfaces and significantly reduce noise and vibration while using your Elliptical trainer.