At Budget Fitness, we try to cater for all needs and levels of fitness and recovery by offering a wide variety of exercise machines for hire. As you may have seen in the other equipment categories, we offer a two-in-one Recumbent machine perfect for those requiring back support or simply a more comfortable position for both cycling and rowing. The recumbent geometry of the machine is quite different from traditional cycling and rowing positions meaning it not only provides better back support, but also tends to give the user a more targeted leg and glute workout because it reclines you closer to a horizontal position than a normal upright bike.

To get an idea of what it will cost to have a Recumbent delivered and setup in your home, have a browse below. It’s best however to give us a call or enquire through the website to assess what we have in stock and find out what would be best for your needs.

Recumbent : $20 per week

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Computer display to select the magnetic tension and give you all the info about your workout that you need. The recumbent comes ready for you to use it for both rowing and cycling making it a great all round machine. The max user weight for the recumbent is 120kg.