Budget Fitness Hire – Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have submitted one of the forms on your website, how long will it take to hear back?
We always aim to get back to our customers as soon as we possibly can, within 1-2
business days. During peak times we do apologise for any delays, but rest assured we
have your enquiry and will be in touch as soon as we can.

2. I have submitted a booking request form for equipment hire, how long will it take for
my fitness equipment to be delivered?

Firstly, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the availability of the
equipment you have requested to hire. If the equipment is in stock, we will aim to have
it delivered to your home or office within 3 business days. During peak times, all
equipment types may not be immediately available to hire and we will provide you with
an approximate wait time.

3. Can I pick up the equipment from your warehouse myself?
Unfortunately for insurance purposes we are unable to allow customers to load and
transport the equipment themselves. We offer delivery, set up, pack up and pick up for a
single once off flat fee of $50 (within 30km of Geelong CBD).

4. What is the minimum hire period?
The minimum hire period for our fitness equipment is 6 weeks.

5. What if I only need the equipment for a couple of weeks?
We can arrange this however the minimum cost is 6 weeks hire (+ delivery). This
minimum cost covers our cost to service and clean the equipment in between

6. Can I extend the hire period of the equipment?
Yes, once you have the equipment you can continue to hire it for as long as you like. You
can contact us at any time to extend your hire period, you can also complete a hire
extension form on our website.

7. I have equipment on hire, but I am not sure when the hire period finishes?
You can contact us at any time to confirm those details, also rest assured that we will
contact you when your hire period is due to expire.

8. I am unsure what equipment type would suit me best?
Feel free to contact us on 0413 155 026 to discuss the benefits of each equipment type
further. Please note that if you have any health or medical issues you should discuss the
use of fitness equipment with the appropriate health professional prior to hiring fitness

9. How does payment work? Can I pay weekly?
The initial hire period (minimum of 6 weeks hire + delivery) must be paid in full prior to
the commencement of the hire period. This payment can either be made in cash on
delivery, or by credit/debit card over the phone prior to the day of the delivery.
After the initial hire period (minimum 6 weeks) customers can elect to either re hire for
any set number of weeks (no minimum) or move on to a weekly hire arrangement (by
credit/debit card). You can also of course elect to have the equipment picked up.

10. Can the equipment be placed upstairs?
Generally we do not place equipment on the second level of a property unless there is
an appropriate lift available to do so. In some circumstances we may be able to place
equipment on the second story without a lift. However, this will depend on a number of
factors (equipment type, dimensions of stairs etc.) and will also incur additional costs as
we would need to send multiple staff members to deliver and set up the equipment.

11. What days and times do you deliver?
We are very flexible with our delivery days and times and will discuss this with you when
we call to confirm your booking.

12. Do I need to be home to accept delivery?
Yes, the equipment needs to be delivered into your secure home, office or garage, we
are unable to deliver the equipment without access to your home, office or garage.

13. Can the equipment be placed on a covered deck, enclosed outdoor area etc?
No, the equipment must be kept indoors at all times. This can include a fully enclosed
lockable garage but does not include any form of outdoor area. The equipment is not
designed for outdoor use, and this will cause damage to the equipment.

14. What if the equipment has a fault or problem whilst I am hiring it?
We will promptly repair or replace the equipment at no cost to you. We will also extend
your hire period free of charge for any period of time that you could not use the

15. What if I damage the machine whilst I am hiring it?
If the damage occurs due to general wear and tear whilst the equipment is being used in
accordance with the User Manual we will repair the equipment at no cost to you. If the
damage occurs due to improper use then the customer may be liable for the cost of