Hiring Benefits

  • Keep exercising, no matter what the weather is like. The thing with Geelong weather is it’s often too hot, or too cold, too rainy, or too windy. Perhaps I’m fussy, but when it’s already hard enough to motivate yourself to exercise the last thing you need is average weather. Either it’s so cold your hands and nose need constant rubbing to stay alive, or it’s so hot that you feel as though you’ll peel over and die after you’ve only made it around the corner.
  • Exercise in front of the television or listening to your favourite music. Sometimes we’ll position the treadmill, bike, or rower facing out the window, sometimes directly in front of the TV, or in the main living area where the family hangs out. Get on at any time of day or night for however long you want and enjoy your favourite tunes, TV show, or view out the window. Whatever little bit of motivation will help get you on it and get fit we’re happy to help with.


Hire to avoid Gyms

  • Sweating away while you work hard to reach your fitness goals perhaps isn’t something you want the public of Geelong to watch you do. Unlike busy public gyms, hiring fitness equipment means you can exercise in the privacyand safety of your own home away from the sweaty muscle men, mirrors, and (often) awful music.
  • Unless you’re a body builder or professional sportsperson, chances are you’ll only tend use one or two machines at the gym, maybe the treadmill or maybe the exercise bike; yet you’re paying to use the bench press, the squat machine, the dumbbells, the rowers, the AND the treadmill. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. If it’s a treadmill, bike, rower, elliptical, or anything you see on our website that you’re after, then our friendly guys on the phone will help you choose the correct one and have it setup in your home in Geelong or surrounding area in no time!
  • Sometimes there’s no wait to jump on your favourite piece of equipment, but the hit the gym in the peak times and you’ll be confronted with a conversation like “hey bud, how many sets you got left?”. Or have a lingering mob of others who got there around the same time and are watching you on the treadmill hoping you’ll just run a bit faster so you can get off the darn thing already. When you hire from Budget Fitness you’ll be rest assured you can get on get off and get back on your hired equipment whenever you like. Heck, you can sleep on the thing if you want. It’s all yours for the hire period.


Hire for busy parents

  • Kids sleeping, need to stay at home with the baby monitor but need to get some exercise in? I think you know what we’d suggest. Hire the fitness equipment you need from Budget Fitness, simple really. Going anywhere with kids is an effort indeed and can be costly if you need to pay a child minder while you go to the gym.
  • One of my least favourite things about the gym is having to travel there and home, often in peak traffic times. In order to spend time at the gym, I had to also spend time getting there and home, as well as paying for fuel to do this. Hiring from Budget Fitness means you’re travel time is however long it takes to get from the couch to the treadmill on the other side of the room. Our research team has run extensive research on this and found the average time is about 4.2 seconds.


Hire to try

  • Every client has the option to hire – try – buy. Try the equipment for a month and if it suits your requirements and expectations you can purchace it with the full amount of the hire being deducted from the purchase price. This is a really great option because exercise machines aren’t cheap, and aren’t for everyone. Sometimes when picking up a machine after a hire period the client tells us they’re glad they hired from us instead of buying because they ended up using it less than expected. I suppose this is like a lot of purchases in life, which is why hiring is a great option.
  • Have your machine brought not just to your door, but setup anywhere you like in your home. We offer delivery throughout Geelong and the Bellarine peninsula; Torquay, Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, St Leonards, Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff, Port Arlington, Clifton Springs, Drysdale, Leopold, Lara, and more.